3 Classy Upgrades for Your Own Backyard

Perhaps you’ve had an empty backyard for sometime now, intimidated by how vast this beautiful canvas can be. Where to start? However, a few simple additions can transform this environment into one of utmost relaxation and escape. Let your backyard be your retreat from the hustle and bustle of every day life by introducing one or more of the elements listed below. 

For a Stunning Entrance

Craft your guests’ first impression from the outside by designing the entrance to your outdoor oasis. Iron gates can be stately on their own — even stiff — but an experienced artisan can take the design further by bending in romantic or whimsical shapes for a truly stunning gate. Trellis work complete with climbing roses can also yield an enchanted, lived-in feel.

For Effortless Shade

For a luxury touch to your backyard, a patio pergola with retractable awning may offer just the right amount of style and sun protection. The wooden slats of a pergola add rustic charm to your landscape while the linen-like shades offer a resort-like feel. This feature can create an elevated atmosphere for outdoor dining and/or events.

For a Tranquil Retreat

A pond is a serene addition that can offer a soothing area to sit by and decompress at the end of your day, especially if it is replete with a small waterfall or built-in aeration system (necessary for optimal pond health) that results in a calming soundtrack of trickling water. 

A backyard should not be relegated to just the afterthought of your home. When tended to, a backyard can be a stunning extension of your home, replete with every bit of character you have infused in your interior design. Nurture it with the same amount of passion and attention to detail and you will find yourself reclining in the outdoors more often.

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